What LPG Gas to Use and How Much Is It?

by Jim

LPG 19kg Bottle

LPG 19kg Bottle

Hi, I used to run a catering trailer in 2003 and when I first started I went to a Calor Gas seller to get my bottles refilled.

I remember that it was outrageously expensive, some 25 Pounds per bottle.

Later on I found a whole seller that sold also gas for something like 12 Pounds per bottle. What's the catch? Where can I get these deals now that I want to start a new trailer?

Does Booker sell gas as well? How much is it? How much should I expect to pay for gas? Is it true that not all gas is the same?

At Calor gas they told me that their gas is filtered and clean and it never messes up appliances... is it true? Thanks!

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Jul 05, 2011
LPG Ga Bottles
by: David

Hi There,

Unfortunately LPG gas prices are much higher now, and it's does not help the fact that crude oil and natural gas is also much more expensive. It's just a matter of looking around to see if you can find a cheap supplier.

I personally don't know of any wholesalers that will give you a great discount unless you are buying regular, large amounts of LPG gas bottles.
Opening up a trade account may bring the price down a little, but unless you know someone in the trade, prices are still quite high.

Maybe the real business is to actually become a LPG wholesaler?

As far as I am aware, Booker does not sell LPG gas bottles, it's mainly for food, drinks, confectionery etc.

LPG gas bottles prices vary from around £34 at Calor Gas to £24 on other camping websites, the key is to look around for the best price.

With regards to the quality of LPG gas, I am not sure there is a difference between the quality of each individual LPG gas manufacture, so it not something that I can accurately comment on.

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