What License is Needed for Ice Cream Bike Business

by Janos

Hi my name is Janos

I would like to start the mobile catering business with my ice cream bike.

I want sell a scoop of ice cream in the street or the park. My question is, which license is necessary to start this business, and do you need the hand wash/food and hygiene exam

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Jun 09, 2011
Ice Cream Bike Business
by: David

Hi Janos,

As you will be selling soft scoop ice cream, you will have to contact your local council to register your business.

You will probably have to apply for either a hawkers or street trading licence, depending on your local council requirements.

If you intend to sell on private land such as car boot sales, markets, forecourts, fetes, or fairs then you don?t need a licence to trade, just the permission from the landowners.

If you intend to sell at your council run Local Park, street then again contact your local council who will be able to advise you what license is required and if it?s even permitted.

To sell only pre-packed ice cream or ice lollies you would not require a hand wash system. But since the idea is to sell fresh scoop ice cream, you will be in direct contact and touching food that will be consumed by your customers.

This may require the use of a hand wash system, food and hygiene certificate; again confirm this requirement with your local council.

It?s also a good idea to get some Product/Public liability Insurance to cover you against the public and also think about getting your bike insured.

Best of luck with your ice cream bike business


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