What Are the Rules for Mobile Van Selling Bakery Goods?

Hi thinking of starting up a mobile shop selling bakery goods such as pies, cakes sandwiches bread. I would be selling around places of work and on the streets, door to door. I would buy my goods from a bakery.

My questions are No 1. is it alright just to load van from my house or do I have to have a catering unit.?

No 2. Is it alright to leave bread in van overnight including pies etc? I would keep in large cool boxes overnight.

What are the rules for a bakery van?

Thanks Ann.

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Mobile Bakery Business
by: David

The rules are more of less the same as any other mobilecatering business.

If you intend to use your home as part of your business, then you will have to contact the council who will come down and inspect your home. They will have to register you home/garage as a food business; they may also ask you to make some modifications.

If this is not cost effective for you or the cause of too many problems, think about renting a commercial kitchen which should already be fully registered and ready to go.

If working from home you will have to make sure that your mortgage/landlord/insurance is happy with this “new use’’ of premises before you proceed.

Each council will have slightly different requirements - so for the most accurate information talk to your local environmental health officer, who can best advise you.

Finally, you could leave pies and bread overnight in your van as long you stored any food safely and at the right temperature (in a fridge plugged into your house over night)

Hope this helps you in some way, you may also find this story interesting – it’s about someone who started a baking business – you find it helpful.

Best of luck


p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business

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