We Did Up Our Catering Trailer-Business is Really Picking Up!

by Tom

Hi, I come across you article whilst searching for information on burger vans.

Like yourself me and my friend have bought a catering trailer (which was in a bad state)we have put a lot of hard work into it and now looks really good and nice and clean.

We have now managed to get ourselves into a local car boot which is really picking up. We both work full time and only do the van on the weekends which we really enjoy.

We have been looking at putting our van into a lay by throughout the week as well, have you any advice on what to do on this and where we stand?

At the moment we take out the food we are going to use for the car boot the day before so its all fresh ready for next day, is this the norm? as starting out its hard to judge the amount we need each time.

When cooking on the griddle do you use oil? we do but only a little but not sure if we actually need to or not? any other advice you could pass on via griddle or anything else all would be much appreciated.

thanks tom

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Oct 10, 2008
Excellent start, but also try the following...
by: David

Hi Tom,

well done to you and your friend it must be very satisfying to you both to accomplish this.

Now as for you question with regards to using a lay by during the week to generate further income.Legally you would probably have to check with your local council(environmental health department)to see if this is possible and explain you want to trade.This might be straight forward or their may be a lot of red tape it all depends,but do give it a go.

Have you considered trading outside a night club or an evening event? As long as it's on private ground this should not be too much of a problem, JUST GET PERMISSION from the land owners.Also any local football matches, children's or adults that you could cater for...JUST SOME THOUGHTS

Griddle, heat it up until it's very hot and then apply oil with a pastry brush(1 pound from pound shop)lightly coat the griddle then apply your burgers, bacon, toms etc the food cooks quicker and this way it doesn't stick to the griddle.When finished use a scraper(like wall paper scraper)to clean griddle.

Hope this info helps tom, and the best of luck to you both.I'm it will be a complete success!


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