Water Heater Mobile Catering Trailer

by Julie

Water heater - Tea Earn

Water heater - Tea Earn

Hello I have purchased a burger van and I have been spending the last 12 months doing it up,ripping everything old out of it and replacing it with new.

I have not got a water heater in it, I have just got a tea urn. Could you please tell me if I need by law a water heater.

Thank you very much


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May 04, 2018
Flueless LPG water boiler
by: Anonymous

Hi Brian, I have been trying to research flueless LPG water boilers but have come up with nothing in the UK.. according to a few technical specialists working for certain boiler companies, it is against Gas Safe regulations to run a flueless in a catering van.

I would be massively greatful if you could shed some light on the situation, and possibly recommend a brand that supplies such units.

Aug 05, 2017
Tea Urn Cannot Guarantee the Temperature Required
by: Brian


Your environmental health officer no doubt has concerns, that a tea urn cannot guarantee the temperature required each and every time you need hot water sufficient to control bacteria.

This thinking can vary between local authorities, and indeed the requirement may also change depending on the risk the food you are handling represents.

Having a hot water boiler with a fixed outlet temperature is best practice.

A simple arrangement of supply and waste water tanks, a flueless boiler connected to a 12v battery powered pump supplying a tap and sink is the most common place solution I work on as an engineer.

Is it necessary? The Local Authority Environmental health food safety officer is the regulatory enforcer for government statuary rules applying to you and your business, this is a reasonable request to bring you up to a standard they have deemed necessary to control potential spread of microbiological infection.

Hope this helps.

Mar 17, 2017
Water heater
by: Jane

I have just got a catering trailer too & got a tea urn. Environmental Health said I need a pump action tap or a small hand unit connected to the wall which heats water. A pump action one providing cold water was adequate with the urn

Mar 18, 2014
Water Heater Mobile Catering
by: Brian

Contact your local environmental health officer (local authority) and they will advise what they require of you.

The likely answer is yes as urns cannot guarantee a suitably high temperature for hygiene control.

I would also warn you about refitting gas appliances and installations in trailers yourself, for two reason. First it is an offence under the Gas safety installation and use regulations (GSIUR), second you will need a gas safety certificate to trade, unless you use a gas engineer with the qualification LP1CMC (commercial mobile catering) you are unlikely to get the design and regulations compliance right, which will delay to and likely mean costly reworks.

A domestic gas qualified mate would also leave you in this situation, as they will not be qualified either - as a trailer is a place of work and you are in a space full of combustion fumes there are specific regulations that need to be got right, particularly ventilation.

I know of someone that installed their own chargrill and developed lung emphysema symptoms within 2 months, that still cause them problems years later.

Take care to get everything right first time, best of luck.


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