Water Boiler Cleaning

by mark
(Bristol United Kingdom)

Hi we have just bought a catering van that hasn't been used for about a year, the water boilers have a horrible stale smell to them, could you recommend the best way to clean these and what products to use........Many thanks.

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Jan 14, 2014
Water Boiler - Best Way To Clean It
by: David

Hi Mark,

You can just use normal products to clean the outside of the boiler, hot water and washing up liquid, but for the inside you may want to descale it before use and to get it ready for service. I would opt for a natural descaler without any chemical like: Burco Descaler

Other Readers Have Also Suggested Using White Vinegar!

Simply fill the water boiler with water to the max area indicated and then boil. Once it’s finished add white vinegar (1/4 of the water in the boiler) Let the water boiler sit for around an hour and the lime scale should completely dissolve.

From here empty the contents and then boil again and drain contents, this should do the trick The white vinegar should not cost you more than a £1 or so. If you are trying this is would be nice of you to take before and after pictures so that other people can also see how it’s done.

Let me know how it goes.


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