Waiting for the Local Council Planner

by brian
(southampton uk)

Hi you have inspired me to take the plunge and i am now waiting for the local council planner to let me know whether i can trade from a lay by off the motorway.

Hopefully i will get approval.Am i right in that if approval granted i should next take my health and hygeine test?

Then buy a trailer, followed by getting it checked by council and gas certificate?

would you say that 70% profit is too much to expect?

So many questions but where can i buy a decent sized freezer that will run off gas in the evening?

many thanks in advance... brian

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Apr 07, 2014
Trailer Hiire
by: John

Hi Julie,

Do you still have the trailer for hire?

Kind Regards


Oct 25, 2011
If I can help
by: Anonymous

Please give my email address out as I have a good trailer for rent on a week to week base. I can give you the name and number all brand new. 500 per month with 500 deposit.

Mar 03, 2011
Food Storage Advice
by: David

Well you could say that you store all food on your trailer and that you plug it into the mains each night.

Or you could store food in a garage for which you would have to register it. Why not ask them (environmental health officer just call them) the requirements beforehand so that you can decide on how best to move forward.

Mar 03, 2011
Advice on Food Storage Area
by: stevie

I have decided I will take the plunge I got an application form from the local council but in the process in filling in the form. There is a part on the form which states, state address or premises at which the goods will be stored when not being offered for sale.

Does this mean I have to have a storage unit that has to be inspected by health and hygiene?
Will I end up having to pay commercial rates for my property and commercial insurance for my car.

As I have only got a garage that is 16x12 that I would need to use as storage so would I need to paint the inside to meet health and hygiene standards, as would only be keeping fridge and freezer.

Jan 09, 2009
Things will work out fine
by: Anonymous

Hi Brian,

Well done for taking the first step and potentially securing a trading spot, which is the hardest thing to achieve.

I would regardless of the outcome pursue your food and hygiene certificate. This is vital to move forward with your business and to trade legally.

If you are having trouble or can’t afford to buy a trailer then why not see if you can hire one. This will come with all the certificates making it easier to start trading straight away.

Making a good profit is always possible but make sure to trial each food item before you sell to the public.

Provide the best quality within reason and make sure that it tastes good, good enough to give to your children or family.

When you starting trading you need to build up your customers and get repeat business.

This is accomplished through selling affordable, tasty, quality food which is where you will make your money for the long-term.

Everything else will fall into place and work out fine. Best of luck with your new business and I sincerely hope things work out for you.



p.s let me know how it all goes and keep us updated

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