Very Slow Heating Gas Griddle

by judith

Gas Griddle

Gas Griddle

Hi, I have recently purchased a catering trailer and the griddle is taking a very long time to heat up.

Even when it’s been running for a couple of hours it’s still very slow cooking, any ideas??

Any ideas please

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Jun 07, 2011
Griddle temp
by: Anonymous

Also, ensure you have the flame on high setting , some gas valves operate in such a manner that where you think is "High" is actually "Low" setting. Bend over and visually check the flame in various positions. The thickness of the griddle plate also makes a huge difference I had a 5mm thick one that heated up in minutes, now I have a 12mm it takes ages to heat up but when it does it cooks miles better and retains the heat for so much longer, you can cook on it for a good 5-8 minutes after it's turned off.

Jun 04, 2011
Slow Heating LPG Griddle
by: David

Hi Judith

To be honest I am not sure what’s causing this,

I did have similar problems with my first catering van but it was due to the fact that it had just a small one burner griddle which would take ages to heat up.

It also did not help the fact that it was caked in thick black carbon which may have also reduced the heat coming up from the burners.

Get your regulator checked out to by a professional to make sure enough LPG is flowing through the pipes (pipe diameter).

Finally check that you are not running low on LPG gas as this also causes the griddle to burn slowly and take ages to heat up.

Sorry I don’t have any definite solutions for you but at least these are something to consider.


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