Trading from Outside My Home

Hi David,

is it possible for me to trade from the layby/car parking space opposite my home?

I own the piece of land in question...

I have no neighbours but live on a fairly busy B road, with plenty of passing vans etc...

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Jun 04, 2014
Catering Trailer
by: Anonymous

Hello David,

I have bought a catering trailer and i have kept it in front of my house on the driveway. I am thinking to start in front of my house in the driveway, is it possible? The area is busy and popular in London. May i know if i can start my catering trailer in front of my house on the driveway?

Nov 21, 2012
Mobile Catering on Own Land
by: David

Hello There,

If you were situated in a residential area the council probably wouldn’t allow you to run a commercial business from car parking space and you may have also faced objections from the local community.

Since you don’t have any neighbours and are situated along a busy B road, I would be inclined to contact the Highways Agency and see if they have any objections and then the council.

Since you own the land you have permission to trade, but you’ll also have to get planning permission for this piece of land to confirm to the council that it’s has the “right use” attached to it. By all means give it a go as it might very well go in your direction.

I do know of catering trailer situated in a strange location, at a corner of an industrial estate (no neighbours) and they are trading from the front garden, so you never know.

Please keep us updated and wishing you the best of luck.

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