Thermo Couple Issue Baine Marie

Hi my Bain Marie burns fine for about 15 mins and then cuts out , can this be a thermo couple issue? its really frustrating, i recently had my gas safe done and all is ok but the Bain Marie seems to cut out when hot?

I have it on the lowest setting and still cuts out also after 15 mins or so>

Any advice welcome, it has new jet in so that's fine

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May 19, 2014
Thermo Couple Issue
by: Brian

Hello There,

Thermocouples work or not, I would suggest you check the connection to the gas valve is tightened correctly (don't over do it), failing that, it can only be that the flame isn't reaching the thermocouple either because of a dirty burner or the position of the thermocouple.

If none of these the only other cause is that you have a high limit thermostat that you've not mentioned, or that the coil in the back of the gas valve has a fault.

Bain Marie's are very basic, disappointing that your engineer hasn't solved it.


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