The Price For Trading Licence Mobile Catering

by Mark
(Gtr, Manchester)

Hi David,

I have just been in contact with Rochdale council with a view to being granted a licence to trade with a catering unit on a very large road with lay yes that has had units trading on in the past. They have said that to be granted a licence will cost me £835 per year.does this sound about right ?

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Apr 26, 2016
Mobile Traders Licence Price Rochdale Council
by: mickey

Rochdale Council charge £846 for a street traders licence and from last year made it compulsory to pay this 12 month licence even if your business was seasonal as in ice cream.

The department will not inspect vehicles,patrol the Borough send out reminders for renewals the office is open mon to fri for 4 hours a day if you want to speak to someone in particular they are always unavailable, in my opinion it is a quango dept created by LABOUR TO GET PEOPLE OFF THE DOLE.

And now they have got such power and influence they just bully small traders and force them to pay up and shut up or they will make an example of them now it is time to fight back and take these public servants on and remind them that they must work for the public first and not just for themselves.

We in the private sector can only marvel at the benefits that public sector workers enjoy with golden handshakes on retirement and grossly subsidised pensions paid out of taxpayers wages.

Feb 12, 2014
by: Anonymous

£1600 in South Somerset.. and it rains a lot.

Feb 07, 2014
Council Licence Fee
by: David

Hello Mark,

I’ve listed a few prices below to help you compare what other local councils are charging for a similar license. The fee that you have to pay seems to be about the average price.It also seems that the more popular (tourist city)a location the more they want you to pay. Anyway take a look for yourself

Salford Council

The current fee to trade is £602 per annum (for example 1 April to 31 March). Although traders at organised events can apply for a short term consent, these are priced on a pro rata basis.


City of York

Inside City Walls
Artists = £2,000.00
Other (including buskers who sell items) = £2,375.00 or £197.50 a month
Outside City Walls
Ice cream = £1,600.00
Food = £1,500.00
Non food = £725.00

Torbay Council

Annual Street Trading Licence £730.00

Sheffield Council

Mobile - Ice cream £315
Fruit / veg and others £236

Exeter Council

Licence Fee
3 months - £718.00
6 months - £1025.00
9 months - £1538.00
12 months - £1795.00
Casual daily rate - £50.00

Wirral Council

Between £800 - £1200 depending on size of catering trailer per year

Let us know how you get and wishing you the best of luck.


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