Taking The Dog Along for The ride!

by Karen

I'm thinking of buying a tailor-made catering van to serve hot food/ burgers etc on an industrial estate. The design I'm looking at has an 'outside' caged platform extension to one end which is roofed and paneled to waist height but then has grills around the rest.

To enter the van, I'd use a secure gate on this 'open' section then go through a second door which will be a grilled door during trading. I like the idea of using this enclosed outside space for my dog for two reasons, firstly, as company for the dog during my trading hours so he isn't 'home-alone' and secondly, as some security as I quite often work alone as a sole female trader and anyone thinking of entering the van would have to go through the dog area first!

As the two areas will be separated by the van door/ mesh grill during trading, and the dog will never enter the van part at any time, do you think it would come with Health and Safety regs or can you envisage a problem? Anyone any experience of having dogs around? Thanks

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May 31, 2016
Taking the dog along for the ride
by: Anonymous

Brilliant idea, Take the dog along, so when quiet times you can play/walk your faithful friend.
YES you can take your dog, I have a Jack Russell, and he accompanies me everywhere, Except Inside the Catering Van...

A Dog is allowed to go Anywhere, Except a Food Prep/cooking area, I sometimes use a small pop up tent for my jack russell, positioned just outside the door so he can see me working, Also your customers will love to pamper your doggie.

My Dogs live and have free range in my old restaurants/pubs, I go in to every Shop i want to, It is NOT illegal, It's Very Picky business owners who'd rather turn away business than welcome a dog, Even Shops.

There is No Law against a dog in a shop, It's the narrow minded owners.

My advise, Take your dog, Love the time spent with them, but just keep an eye on your customers Not over feeding your little loved one, have fun

Sep 21, 2015
Trading With Your Dog
by: David

Hi Karen,

This is a very interesting scenario, I would run this idea and setup with your local EHO whom will advise you correctly and give you some solid advice. I know that if you are working from home preparing food and have pets - as a general rule as long as you keep your pets away from cooking/food preparation areas you should not have any problems.

However with a catering vehicle the space and any facilities that the dog may need are limited. Also, how do you intend to deal with the dog needing to go to the toilet, if they are ill or need attention? It does tend to get quite hot especially during the summer months; you would need to make sure that the dog is comfortable.
Best of luck and do keep us updated.
Best of luck,

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