Street Trading License and Trading During the Night

If I was to put my burger van on a privately owned car park would I need a street trading licence? Also what other licences do I need to start burger van business up late at night?

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Feb 24, 2013
Private land and street license
by: Looby Lou


I am situated on an industrial estate in an industrial on private land. When I was inspected by Environmental Health, I was told if I sold to people from the estate other than the staff and customers of the unit where I am sited, then I would need a street license. I said I was only selling to customers of the unit itself...but I am fearful of a visit as the £1000 + fee for a street license was something I hadn't budgeted for. Can anyone advise?

May 15, 2011
Late Night Trading For Food Catering Trailer
by: David


If you plan to place your catering trailer on private land then you don?t need a street trading licence to do so, as you will be on private land.

All you need is the permission of the landowner and some liability insurance to protect you and your customers.

You must however register your food business with local council and have an up to date food and hygiene certificate to start trading.

If you plan to trade during the night after 11pm you must apply under the Licensing Act 2003 a licence for late night refreshment.

Get exact details from your local council as they will more information on this subject.

Hope this helps


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