Stop LPG Gas Bottles Freezing

by Richard
(Taunton, Somerset)

I have two double Fish and Chip fryers and a griddle running, the gas freezes after a couple of hours of use I have two 19kg bottles coupled together and a 47kg bottle so after the two 19kg freeze I switch to the 47kg but the fryers still seem to be under performing is there a solution or any tips to stop this from happening any advice would be appreciated.

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May 16, 2014
Stop LPG Gas Bottles Freezing
by: Brian

Hello There,

At average fair weather temperatures 19kg bottles are able to deliver 19kw, 47kg cylinders can supply 30kw.

If your cylinders are freezing you are over drawing on the gas supply, this leads to the regulator freezing.

Imperial and pitco fryers are 29kw each, average 24-30" griddles are approx 5-10kw when turned down. At a guess you are trying to pull approx twice the gas the cylinders can deliver. The nearer to full evaporation rate the gas gets, the lower the temperature, with -42 degrees c at it's maximum. The draw off rates decrease in winter.

You do not state information about the connection but I would hope it is at least 22mm or 3/4" pipe.

I would upgrade to larger bottles and larger regulator, you will need the services of an engineer that understands LPG to get it right. 34.5mb is the minimum pressure the appliances require when all equipment is running at 100%, to get the right sized flame, combustion and power output.


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