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by MrP

Hi all, fantastic and helpful page!

I'm in the process of setting up a mobile caterers specialising in German sausages. We will be operating for a gazebo style trade stand and have pretty much everything in place - including permission from DEFRA to import my stock personally from Germany.

So, our target audience, following very detailed business plan, is outside events only. We had planned to do a few local fairs and fetes to find our feet and work out some kind of footfall-sales ratio, so we could work out our stock requirements for each event.

However, a couple of cancellations have happened and it now turns out that our very first day on the job will be at a 3 day country fair with a footfall of 15-20 THOUSAND - and we are one of just 4 caterers on site!! (the others are hogroast, burgers, and pastries) ****For the info of people asking about pitch prices - this one cost £1400.

Based on the assumption that I sell just one product (which i don't of course, but i know what my popular products will be), is there some kind of equation out there to help us calculate roughly what stock is going to be required???
And is there an equation for a ratio of food items sold-drinks sold??????

Any help would not only be appreciated, but could also help avoid an almost certain meltdown in the brain department!!


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Jul 29, 2010
Hire Extra Van For More Stock - Don't Run Out.
by: David

Firstly Congratulations on your accomplishments – I wish I was this organized when I first started.
To answer your question I personally don’t know of any equation or calculation that will allow you to roughly know how much stock is going to be required unless you have some data from previous years to give you a rough idea.

What I would suggest is to have a man and van on call who could deliver items as they nearly run out if this is possible. Or rent a refrigerated van and have stock already on site to maximise on this great sounding opportunity.

From experience I would say that for every food item you sell approx 2 drinks are sold (2.1 ratio) It sounds like with just 4 caterers on site and between 15-20 thousand potential people you’re going to be awfully busy.

Best of luck – let us know how you got on.

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