Starting My Own Cookery Classes Mom Story

by S Chaubal

Cooking class

Cooking class

I had been working as a successful Asst. Banquets Manager, and things were going on pretty smooth with me. Until the day my son was born and I knew it was time that I left my job and took care of him.

Next three years just passed by and I kept myself busy with all the mom's regular chores. But once my son started going to school, this lifestyle became pretty boring and I could sense that I needed to work to remove this boredom. Getting back to work was not possible, as my earlier job demanded endless hours and that way I would neglect my son..

I wanted to do something that would make me feel happy, as well as spending quality time my son. I wasn't exactly sure of what I would do, but I started to make a list of things that I could do effortlessly.

I made a huge list of things that were possible by me, but then I was a bit short with funds, so starting out something big was out of question. I wanted to begin with something that required less investment.

Finally, I short-listed and came out with the idea of starting my own cookery classes. Cooking has always been close to my heart and I knew I could do well with it, as I loved experimenting.
It would be a good idea to share my experiences with people, this way I knew I would do something that I really enjoyed.

Cooking classes could be started right from my kitchen, and that wouldn't require much of an investment in the beginning. Hence initially the only cost that I incurred was in regards to printing flyers and getting manuals ready.

I made out various sessions, when I was free and made time-tables for every class, like 1 hour for the Chinese cooking class, 1 session of Mediterranean cooking class, and 1session of healthy cooking.

Managing time was little tough as I had to see how it wouldn't clash with my kid's school timings and his study timings. But then slowly and steadily I managed and even my son supported me.

The response was good and I really felt happy. I made a lot of friends, and the whole experience has been really enjoyable. I went on with a schedule which was flexible on part of the ladies to who wished to join my class, but had a problem of time. This way, even they could join my class.

Since the number of students coming to my class increased undoubtedly, I was left with no choice but to take up a place where I could start out a class of my own. I had earned well, and could definitely go for a loan. And finally I needed to do this as it would definitely sound and look professional. The investment was value for money, as my business was really doing well.

Apart from this I also started counseling to these women, to do something that they were interested in not just for earning money, but also to gain confidence and thus to utilize such opportunity to prove themselves.

Since I am getting to share my experiences with all the people, especially housewives out there, I would like to tell them, that it is all in your hands. Whatever you opt for, always remember do things that make you feel good. Try and see what interests you most.

Don’t copy others. Listen to your heart. Understand those skills that you have within and go for it. Use every opportunity fruitfully. This way nothing wrong can happen or will dare to come in your way to success.

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