Starting my Mobile Catering Business-Many Questions

by Mel

I have just read your article and it has given me the extra bit of encouragement I need to move forward in my ideas of starting a catering van business.

I recently moved 160 miles from my
hometown and with my husband working shifts am wanting to work but not 9 - 5.

I have a location in mind and need to contact the authority for permission - just by a retail unit, Tesco, sports store, boots and home store - but there is no catering facilities there at all, not even for the staff (apart for tesco)

The cafe Tesco used to have for the customers has been closed and made a staff canteen out of it, with no plans of opening anything else.

I want to get in there quick and am doing the days 'food and hygiene course' next week. Looking
on ebay at the mo for a unit (may have to borrow from the bank to get it).

Have a friend who would like some work and would cover when I need to be at home etc. BUT, I am so worried that I can't get it right!!!

Even though I'm really excited about the prospect of making some good money at it - I'm sure there
couldn't be a better catchment.

I still am concerned that I'll get the pricing wrong, the food requirements wrong, not be able to work out the equipment, have loads of wastage - it goes on and on.

Did you have these worries? If so, how on earth did you 'feel the fear and do it anyway'?

Have you any tips that may help at all?

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Nov 10, 2010
Struggling With Catering Pitch
by: mark pasfield

On a limited budget and after three months i finally got my van on the road I found what I thought to be a good pitch just had to sit back and wait for the money to start rolling in, didn?t happen.

I tried meal deals, daily specials most of which went in the bin, leaflet drops, local delivery service and call and collect service, loyalty cards and even two for one offers I spent a month at that site before moving.

I am now at what seems like a perfect pitch and parked in a builder?s merchant rent free. I am hiring a powerful generator from them at less cost than the running cost of my own generator get to leave my food overnight in their freezer.

I leave the van there at night knowing its safe and secure but still not enough customers to make it profitable. This is a bad time of year for builders so how long should I leave it before I move again.

I know it takes time to build up the business but what is a realistic time period. there are other vans in the area which are well established and they seem to be doing ok my prices are compatible with theirs, so should I try to undercut them or what other ways are there to make my van stand out from the crowd.

Newbie?s s like me should be warned it isn?t easy to make a living unless you have a readymade pitch and existing customer base.

Oct 09, 2008
Very Excited For Your New Business
by: Anonymous

I am so excited for

I had all these fears and more and I was all on my own, and couldn't even cook.I didn't have a clue about anything, but guess what I did it and you can too the hardest part is getting a pitch to trade from(a good pitch at that)

It's a bit of a steep learning curb to do everything, but at least you have a partner to help you out.Make sure if you do decide to buy a trailer, make sure it's clean enough to use else where for other events and shows.

You should do some of the following:

Your Costing-Pricing
Menu-Depends on Your Equipment
Advertising-Leaflets-Create a Buzz
Test Run-Cooking
Quantity -Cooking
Practice On Equipment...etc

Hope this help you out.

Finally have courage, and you will be surprised at what you can achieve by simply trying

Let me know it all goes



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