Starting My Mobile Catering Business

by Pauline

I have worked in mobile catering for about 20 years for a large catering company and decided to buy my own van about 6 weeks ago.

The unit looked nice from the outside and he only wanted £1000 pound for it. He delivered it to my house when I saw it properly I nearly changed my mind as it looked a wreck, the jockey wheel was broke, lots of marks outside unit it just looked old and tatty.

Inside was worse only had one sink, no running water, the griddle wasn't working; I asked for the gas and electric certificates he said he has never bothered with things like that, so I got to work with some help from family and friends, put a double sink in, redone all inside had all new electric and gas all done. I am legal to trade now and it only cost me another £1000 pounds and it looks a great unit now.

Start my first work on Sat at a fishing match, got 2 more shows come in tonight for summer fetes and bonfire night, also a car boot every Sunday. It’s has been really hard work getting the unit ready but am so glad I didn't change my mind that day he bought the unit.

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