Start Mobile Catering Business Go Big Or Start Small

by Rob

Hi everybody. I have a good budget to start up my business and a unique product to sell. Having never been in catering before I have been researching like a madman and I'm very happy and confident with my idea. Do I go all in with a large trailer for large events? Do I start with a small trailer and go to car boots and markets then upgrade later? Do I invest in a large trailer but start with car boots and markets?

Thank you


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Finding a Pitch
by: Anonymous

Hi Rob

I am also trying to get a food business started myself and researching like yourself it has become clear to me that you need a pitch as simple as it sounds it is by far your biggest obstacle

If you can get on a boot sale then you will be extremely lucky as these are mostly run by the people who run the boot sale and don't take kindly to outsiders. I've heard stories that if you turn upto a boot sale with your trailer then you will be leaving without it or at best the burnt out remains so be careful.

I know this sounds extreme but through my researching i have heard many stories saying the same thing are they just scare tactics i don't know for sure as for events these are difficult but not impossible to get on, but you will have to pay a considerable pitch fee depending on the size or importance of the event.

However again through research ive found these events to be very very profitable if this is true then the high pitch fee will be worth it.

The easiest way to get a pitch is either a shop or roadside pitch if you want a roadside pitch as with any pitch you will need to get a traders license but again beware as the license does not give you the right to a particular spot it gives you the right to trade on that road/area so anyone else could in effect trade next to you plus if that road is closed you can not trade elsewhere

When i was told that its not easy to start up a food stall i thought well I'm determined to put the leg work and hours in and not just sit there waiting for things to come to me but they were right its very hard.

I'm still working towards starting up but getting very concerned as to whether i actually will. I to believe my product is unique and will sell sell sell, I've told my friends and family what i want to do and they all say the same thing
wow that sounds tasty why hasn't anyone else thought of that keep trying but your main concern is getting a pitch spending money on equipment, trailers and finding suppliers is the easy part.

Sorry if I'm being negative i wish you well and hope to read your success stories on here and how it happened in the not to distant future even if i don't succeed.

All the best,

Starting up
by: Anonymous

Hi I agree with David I went out and got a nice fancy van it taken me a long time to find a pitch and I could not get into a car boot sale or markets it was taken up by people that have been doing it or a long time or if you know someone.

I found a pitch local and only made about 40 pound a day to start I had to give up and try somewhere else I was told. To buy a establish pitch but would not part with the money it taken me three years but I do make a living now.To make money from the start you have to be buy a pitch or be very lucky.Eric

Moible Catering Catering Advice
by: David

Hi Rob,

If you have a good budget then I would advise to also consider buying a pitch & trailer business that is already running. I have seen a number of these for sale on Ebay, Gumtree and other business classified websites. This way you will have an already established business that is generating an income and just needs someone to come in and grow the business further.

If you choose to go the “start from scratch route”, one of the main hurdles you will have is finding and establishing a profitable pitch. Buying the big shinny trailer is the slightly easier part of the whole process.

Establishing a new business – like any other business, requires a lot of hard work and dedication and you must be well prepared.

Also if you were to dive into big events with no experience of buying stock, cooking in huge quantities, storage, set-up etc you will more than likely struggle to make your investment back.

It great that you have so much enthusiasm, but I would slow down a little and really take some time to perform some market research, due diligence and really look into the mobile catering business opportunity, just like any other investment.

Feel free to sign up for my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

Best of luck,

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