Start a Face Painting Business - True Story

by Michele

Face Painting Business

Face Painting Business

I am Michele, and I live in Columbus Ohio. I have three teenage children, and a wonderful husband who works way too hard. Last year, I was laid off from my job as a hairdresser in a children's salon. We couldn't survive on my husband's salary alone, so I had to think of something, and quick.

I have worked with children my whole adult life. I spent many years as a home day care provider, then got my cosmetology license, and went to work in a salon that catered to kids. Obviously, whatever I did had to be something with children. I was wandering around the local arts and crafts store one day when I saw a face painting kit. I bought it, thinking it would provide a fun distraction.

Turns out i had a knack for painting faces. Before long, friends and family members were bringing their kids over for me to practice on. They would occasionally tip me, and after collecting a few tips, I also bought some animal twisting balloons and a purple wig. A clown was born.

A trip to the thrift store provided the costume I would wear, a pair of bib overalls with some hearts painted on, and a colorful shirt. I spent some time working with the balloons and face paints, and dug out some of the children's music CD's I had when my kids were younger. I placed an ad on a local online classifieds site, and within a week or two, I was booking birthday parties.

In total, I spent less than $50.00 on my first party. I had my face painting kit, some paint brushes I bought on sale, my balloons, my wig, and my costume. I Made some home-made bubble solution and bubble wands.

I had so much fun playing with the children, painting their faces, singing songs, making balloon animals, and blowing bubbles! The parents didn't have to worry about keeping the kids occupied, and I was well paid for doing something I love. From that day on, I was hooked.

The hardest part about being a birthday party clown is keeping the kids from getting too wild. Being a mother of three really helps with that, but if you don't have as much experience, there are many great articles online, as well as websites designed for preschool teachers.

My advice to anyone wanting to be a clown is to just do it! If you love children, have a sense of humor, love adventure, and have at least a touch of creativity, this could be the job for you. Make sure you learn to paint some simple faces and to craft some basic balloon animals before you start.

Also, don't be fooled by sites that claim you can use acrylic craft paints on kids faces. That is dangerous, no matter what they say. Invest in some quality face paints and a few good brushes.

Being a clown has brought back my sense of playfulness. I get to play dress up and have fun every day at work! I have gained some self confidence, and have overcome my fear of public speaking as well.

I've also made some great friends by volunteering my clown services for non profit organizations. All in all, this has been the best career decision I have ever made!

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