Soon To Buy a Catering Trailer

by elaine

i am buying a catering trailer soon and want to park it on a newly built complex for offices.
i do not know who owns the land, can i just turn up and start trading without asking permission from anyone.

I plan to get all the legal requirements but would just like to know if i am breaking any laws by just turning up.

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Feb 28, 2010
Fall back option

Hi, i would advise to have a 2nd pitch to fall back on if you are going to park up in your intended spot without checking. I am currently at a pitch where the council did advise was ok to go but having complaints from 1 neighbour now means the council want us to go. You should always have a fall back option otherwise you will be losing days pay trying to find somewhere else.

Feb 26, 2010
Catering Trailer Business
by: Anonymous

Hello there,

Yes I feel your frustration, if the land is private then you will be trespassing and may be asked to leave if the landowners object. You could try and contact the landowners by asking someone in the office units who they rent their space from.

Also keep an eye out for rentals boards that advertise the office space these usually have a contact number or website address displayed and you might be able to contact the landowners that way.

I have done this on a few occasions, once I was asked to leave and another time no one really bothered me.

Saying that, I had already purchased my catering van, but in your case you have not. Personally knowing what I know now I would try and secure the pitch first and then buy the trailer.

Best of luck
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