So Scared To Start My Business – What Did You Do

by Rukky

I am so please to read about your mobile catering experiences. I am getting ready to start my own business but I’m so scared as I’ve always worked for someone else.

What did you do to conquer your fears?
I am moving to Africa soon to start the business and aim to sell grilled fish and chicken to people at parties, on sites and other catering events.

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Feb 06, 2013
by: Anonymous

I bought a trailer 2 months ago which is well kitted although a little old. I have had to go through 6 different agencies for permission to trade from a lay bye on a trunk rd. Registered with local authority, had gas safety cert for all appliances. Broken water heater and strip light fixed/replaced. Food hygiene cert course booked for me & my bird. Bought stock and disposables, arranged public/employee ins, new 4x4 to tow the trailer, brand new £1200 lpg rotisserie (not yet fitted), £600 generator, storage for trailer etc etc I also have a 9-5 job so will pay brother in law Mon-Fri. £10,000 outlay so far with £100 per day target to break even & not started trading!! The wheels of progress turn extremely slow eh. Chin up, I have not a dot of doubt this will work out very well but am realistic it is likely to take a season to establish the client group and hopefully good rep for excellent quality food and service. Kepp at it eh!!! John from nr cardiff

Apr 11, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi all
Its Phil here i am currently in the middle
of what seems a very long and anxious process of
starting my mobile catering/fast food business
and very recently i have began to feel like it is not meant to be,i have purchased a very good
vehicle,the cab and chassis are a good age but
the unit,or kitchen,is purpose built and i feel
it will attract custom,however i have now had vehicle for 7 weeks and wonder if i will ever
get started and therefore can understand why some
people get scared,i personally feel more
frustration than fear i cannot wait to get started but if i have a fear it stems from all
the red tape that is placed in front of you like a barricade that you need to demolish and facing
that alone is far from easy.I would like to ask
any mobile/trailer owners what they were faced
with when applying for their Traders Licence,what
was the procedure and importantly how much did it
cost,i do realise the need for rules and regulations they are there for a reason and for
our protection but this is also the barricade i
refer to,i sent my licence application off almost 3 weeks ago and enclosed what i consider
to be a large cheque of 1300 pounds for 12 months
Traders Licence,although the cheque was presented
to my bank almost 2 weeks ago and the cash withdrawn from my account a week ago my local
council informed me when i telephoned them for a
progress report that no decision had been made
and as yet no licence granted,the fact they had taken my money infuriated me however not wanting to rock the so called boat i bit my lip this being the reason for my title ANXIETY AND
FRUSTRATION i would be interested to here from
anyone who has faced a similar situation.
GOOD LUCK in South Africa now theres a pitch i
never considered


Aug 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

The Motto of the RAFs Number 1 Parachute training school , who train all Parachute and RAF Regiment parachutist amongst others is


Go into it armed with as much knowledge as you can, it may sound silly but, know your pitch, when is liable to get busy and quieten down? Know your stock, how long does bacon take to griddle cook,if you say 2 minutes and it takes 8 they may have to go before they've eaten. Know how quick you can get a gas refill delivered? How long the generator will run for before you run out of fuel? How long will the ice blocks in the coolbox keep the temp down? Are you totally legal? Does your Insurance cover everything? Have you got Business use Insurance on your vehicle, even if you don't tow with it you still need it to collect stock and travel to work.

Make a list go through it, go through it again.

When you know everything is RIGHT you have nothing to fear ,go for it !

Red light .. Green light GREEN LIGHT GO !!!!

Happy landings guys ;-)

May 29, 2011
so scared to start my own business
by: paul w

i too brought a trailer from an old couple who claimed she had worked it up to 5years ago this was just a way of getting me to buy it 2 weeks later she had two more trailers on ebay described as needing total refits in the redhill area in surrey /have now nearly done all the work now got all the equipment but been quoted 700 quid to have all the electrics done fuse box ect iam really shitting myself starting up /what if it dont work out i have choosen to go all electric as local council will not let me keep gas on the property where i live there is alot of con merchants on ebay and urg you all too be very vigalent when buying trailers good luck to all who are taking the plunge

Apr 28, 2011
Scammed by a fraudster
by: Anonymous

Hi there have really enjoyed reading all of the comments as I venture in to a mobile catering business.

Unfortunately I have not been too lucky with sourcing a trailer I committed the cardinal sin and paid money in to a Joe Cochrane's account a Mr Joe Cochrane from Manchester who has now turned out to be a fraudster so people beware.

I have unfortunately lost alot of money and just cannot believe the lengths that this person went to to deceive me. Setting up in business is hard enough without all of this on top.

I am a previous business owner with many years experience but was still conned I feel so silly.

I should have taken the advice from the site do not part with anything until you see the trailer with your own eyes. How do these people live with themselves it is just so awful.

Mar 14, 2011
by: stevie

i to am going to take the plunge but the problem is getting a good pitch because going by what i hear, you've got to stick to the same pitch but im sure i can make it work fingers crossed.

Mar 10, 2011
Don't Let Fear of Starting a Business Beat You
by: David

Hi Rukky,

Simple go for it and don't look back.

The best way to cure fear is to just do it.

Yes I know it's going to be difficult but if someone like me who started off quite shy and softly spoken can do it. I promise you, you can most certainly achieve your own success in the process.

Just don't give up at the first hurdle you come up against. From here things will only get easier and you start to grow as a person and more importantly an entrepreneur.

Which means you will also start to see opportunities all around you and in everything you do.

Your training yourself to no longer relying on someone else for your financial future ? it?s all in your own hands.(which is scary and liberating at the same time)

You also start to develop a different set of internal tools - which you get to keep for the rest of your life like: confidence, resilience, self esteem, passion and drive to achieve and want more out of life.

It won't happen overnight but slowly bit by bit you will start to do amazing things as you become to depend and trust yourself more and more.

Finally it sounds like you going to have quite an adventure in Africa, please let me know how it all goes and contact me anytime if you feel unsure or need some assistance.

Best of luck always

p.s Get My Free Mobile Catering Guide

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