Small Coffee Van Delivering Coffee to Offices in the Evening ?

by hannah

Hi there,

I am about to start a coffee delivery service in the west end of London, delivering fresh coffee and cakes to people in offices during the hours of 8pm - 3am.

The van will be parked in central London; customers call to make their order and once made the products are delivered by courier to the customer.

We are not vending on the street and there is no waste from the van. Am I allowed to park anywhere without a license?

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Sep 18, 2010
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by: David

Hi Hannah

This sound like a very creative business idea and I wish you the very best of luck.

Regarding your question, you are not allowed to park anywhere and start trading without a street trading licence or permission from the land owner.

If you intend to park on a side street somewhere and prepare coffee and cakes to office workers. You will still need a street trading licences or permission to trade - especially if you are parking on a public street.

I would contact the local council and find out from them the exact requirements.

The second option is to find a piece of private land somewhere car park, night club car park, pub car park or similar that is not being within these hours (pay a small amount of rent) and get permission to trade.

This way you are not trading on a public road and don?t require a street trading licence. Either way you should still contact the local council of the area you wish to trade in and get accurate information from them as it can vary from council to council.

Make sure that your business for the long-term is set correctly and legally. The last thing you need is to have worked hard for many months establishing your business only to find out that you are trading illegally.

Best of luck Hannah
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