Single or double axle?

by Frank

Hi David,

Once again thank you for answering my previous questions so promptly. I was involved in a serious accident in Feb 09 and have spend quite a long time in hospital, so had to delay starting up the catering business until now.

I was wondering if there were any advantages/disadvantages to having a double axle on a 10' x 6' trailer? I ended up getting a complete shoulder transplant, so am not as strong as I once was.

I guess a double axle would be heavier to shunt about by hand. There must be some reason why people spend the extra money on them?
Best wishes, Frank

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Call One Of The Catering Trailer Manufactures
by: Anonymous

Hi Frank,

Very sorry to hear about your accident ? we all hope that you are recovering well.

Back to your question regarding which would be better a twin or single axel. I would have to say that it really does not matter unless you have some very heavy weight or a really big trailer.

I can?t see how it really makes a big difference to a 10ft trailer ? so don?t worry too much about it. But if you really want to make sure please do call one of the catering trailer manufactures who will more than happy to give you specific technical information.

Best of luck

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