Single Dads Computer Repair Business

by Ayrs
(Barrie Ontario )

Computer repairs, faulty hard drive

Computer repairs, faulty hard drive

Single Dads Dreams Unfolding - And I Get To See So Much More of My Son!

Hi everyone my name is Arys. I was first bitten by the self employment bug over twenty years ago when I set up my first display (sports cards) in my mother’s store. She started her second hand store when I was just a boy of 8 years. In fact she started from a big old porch at our house which was located on the highway outside of town no less(not the best location lol).

My mother was and still is my inspiration in my own business endeavours (Her business is still open and going strong till this day). After high school I had no big plans like many of my classmates. I made some poor choices back then and I never graduated high school but I did have an interest in computer repair so I went to school and became an A+ certified computer tech in 2003, after which I roamed around trying a couple jobs here and there but nothing worked out like it was supposed to lol.

So I had virtually no money but $25 and one day I stumbled onto a business throwing out old computers to make room for the new ones. Apparently the company could just write off the expense of the new equipment so there worry was how much they would need to pay to have the stuff shipped out and junked.

I got my big break that day I bought everything I could cram into my car(all for just $25) which you would be surprised what an excited young man can do.

So I started my own Computer repair and sales business advertising in local buy and sell mags.Ebay was also a great way to gain exposure, make connections and make money.

With the combination of those two inexpensive advertising methods I have created a business that gives me an extra $1000 per month net profit which coupled with a part time hours (14 per week)this job works just what I needed. And since I’m a single dad it’s great! I get to see so much more of my son who is seven, I won’t lie that’s the best part of business from home.

The hardest part of starting the business for me was keeping accurate detailed records to track profit or debt which is so important for so many reasons. The training I received was needed for this venture but if was done in short time and was not that expensive in comparison to other college level courses.

The extra money I generate goes back into the business for the most part to keep growth positive but I like to treat myself for accomplishing what I set out to do and self employment has brought an element of freedom to my life that I wouldn’t want to live without.

If you have always thought about starting your own business. My advice would be to really think, think and think some more.. about many potential ideas. And in the end its best to go with something you know very well. Good Luck!

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