Selling Grilled Food On My Catering Trailer Business

by Paulina


Your page is very useful :D

I have a idea to sell grilled food on weekends, and as I have no idea how will it work I Have decided to pick hired AJC trailer as follows:

- The Regis - 10ft. - or -
- The Compact - 6,6ft. - or -
- The Trademaster - 8, 10, 12ft

Appliances inside should be as follows:
- Dosilet Griddle/Pannini
- Lincat 600mm chargrill
- AJC 2 pot Bain Marie
- AJC Type W Gastronorm 1x1/2 + 2x1/4
- AJC Fryer 7,7ltr
- Caravell Fridge 148 ltr
- Display Fridge 125 ltr
- Power Generator Honda EU20i

Will it fit to the little one??

Please advise me what is the best for me.. I am up for this business for sure.. I just do not know how big my budget should be.. And where to start..

If I will agree with B&Q to sell on their car park, do I still need Council Permit??

Thank You


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Street License
by: David

Hello Karen,

Surely this is only possible if the local council in the area that you are trading in has this type of scheme. I would ask RC who is responsible for issuing a street licence and if it’s down to the council, what happens if they don’t.

As in the past each council has its own criteria and rules and not all issue a street trading licence. It might be helpful if you also contacted your local council as ask them as well.

Please keep us updated Karen.


street trader icense for b and q

i spoke to someone art retail concessions this week and she told me i need a street traders license as well as paying for their pitch does this sound right?

Keep It Simple and Get Going
by: Anonymous

Hi Paulina,

Your idea sounds great!

Firstly if you are trading on B&Q site, you don't need to get permission to trade as you will already have it.

You will still have to register with your local council who will come down and check your trailer to make sure you are keeping up with food and health standards.(so make sure you take your food and hygeine test)

Now with the size of the trailer - it doesn't really matter as it should come with all the standard cooking appliances if a hire unit.

Grilled food sounds good, but their will be a longer cooking time and you will need a grill rather than a griddle which will do a variety of foods quicker than a grill.

Remember keep it simple and quick as you may have a queue of people waiting for food, and the idea is too make some money quickly.

I would start with the usual burgers, hot dogs and a healthy range of sandwiches and then add the grilled selection later if you feel it's needed.

Your business should do well on the weekends, especially on a busy B&Q site.

Hope this helps you out Paulina.Let me know how it all goes

Best of luck with your new business and well done

Kind Regards


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