Sell Homemade American Food from Mobile Catering Van

by Erin

Hi David, I am definitely going to start up my own food van. I think I have a good market as I will sell homemade American food.

I am a little worried that it will be just a novelty, so wonder if I would be better off continuously visiting large fetes and fairgrounds? Your encouragement is brilliant and I feel I can do this now!

I would like to be hugely successful to where people would be willing to journey for my food! I would also like to be invited to bring my van to sites as you have achieved. And perhaps be so successful that I need to open even more vans! :0)

Thank you,


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Aug 24, 2011
Selling American Food
by: David

Hi Erin,

Great to hear from you, I like the idea of America Type food, I envisage big food portions, so you?ll need to make sure their something big about the food you sell.

What type of food you do intend to sell, will it be the big burgers, hot dogs, chilli dogs, ribs, chicken etc or something different? I think that if you market it with an America theme it should play in your favour.

You should try and find a regular pitch as well as attending fetes, fairgrounds and sporting events. As long as you offer great tasting food with value, people will think of your food when they are hungry.

Wishing you the best of luck

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