Running My Own Snack Van Burger Van

id like to now how much i could earn a day an how much it would cost me to run a burger van.

I have done a cheff course and worked as a cheff so their is no problem woking hard.I an really interested in running my own burger van anyone got any addvice ????????

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Sep 21, 2010
How much you can earn?
by: Anonymous

Its a question of Maths.... if you work on an average of £3 per person, then if you see only 10 people ALL day you will TAKE £30. As the average day on a laybye is 7 hours thats just over 1 person an hour! If you see 10 people an hour thats £30 an hour ergo £210 a day?

Mar 20, 2010
Basic Market Research
by: David

To be honest with you there is not accurate answer, it depends on how busy the pitch you get becomes. What you sell and how much you charge for your food.

A rough estimate could see you make anywhere from £50 a day to £800+ a day. I have earned both of these amounts so it is possible. Again to set up and buy a burger van can be done from anywhere between £2500 - £10.000+ it all depends on what the size and what equipments you want in your trailer.

The best thing is look around and do some research from here you will have a better understanding and a better idea of what is involved.


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