Running More Than One Catering Truck At a Time

(Everett, WA USA)

I'm committed to start my own Street Food business. I have no experience at all in the food industry, only cooked through the years for a bunch of my friends and they loved what I cook.

Lately I have come up with the idea of introducing a new food to the U.S.A. that will have virtually no competition in the beginning (until people start copying)and I'm so positively sure it will be so successful, that I will probably need to run more than one truck at the time.

Now with all that said the big question is: Under what figure would you run the subsequent trucks? Would you rent them and provide them with the stock?

Would you hire a "manager" for every truck or what other figure would you use to run a multi-truck business?



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Aug 31, 2011
More Than 1 Catering Truck
by: David

Hello there,

Normally you would start with one truck to make sure that there is a market for you food. If it takes off, you then may want to consider either franchising the idea. Or taking full control and hire/buy a fleet of trucks and employ various mangers to look after certain areas, which won?t be cheap.

I think for this to work you will have to launch the first truck, make it a complete success and then duplicate the same process with other trucks in other areas.

You also have to consider branding you idea to make it desirable for other people to want to buy into your business.That is, if you plan to go down the franchise route.

You can achieve anything you want, so long as you have a plan of action and more importantly a good product that sells and that people want.

Wishing you best of luck with you business.

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