Running a Onsite Hairdressing Tailer - Can you help!

by Dom Lehane
(Northamptonshire, UK)

Hi David,

I am currently exploring the opportunities of running a Onsite hairdressing business in corporate car parks etc, and with only a few offering this service, information on this sector is very scarce.

I'm aware that you specialise mostly in catering trailers, but you seem extremely knowledgeable on the whole subject of street vending, therefore this is my first port of call and would very grateful if you could point me in the direction of what councils may require i.e license, health & safety, insurances etc..

Would much of what applies for catering trailers apply to other business sectors operating a trailer?

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Mar 30, 2010
Very Enterprising Small Busines Idea
by: David

Hi Dom,

This sound likes very enterprising idea and as long as you have a market for your business and have taken the time to do some important research there is no reason why this type of business can?t be a success.I personally would add a massage service for office workers who spend to long sitting in front of the computer:)

Well, back to your main question I would defiantly speak with the council and landlord of where it is you wish to trade. To see if this type of business would be feasible - I would also take into consideration the cost of having a trailer transformed into mobile hair salon. You will need a different range of commercial equipment and rely heavily on electricity and of course water.

If from here its makes sense to have a trailer modified for your business,you will need the same sort of elec/gas (if you are using gas boiler for water) safety certificates for all equipment including a P.A.T test for all additional electrical equipment.

You will also need Liability insurance and employees insurance the same as if you were going to have a shop, also look into this early to see if an insurance company will insure you business.

Hopefully this will give you some idea of what is involved and because of being a different type of business, expect other issues along the way.It will be up to you to turn your idea into a business that you can keep and grow.

Wishing you the best of luck and please keep us updated with your progress.

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