Run Coffee Catering Trailer Business From My Own Driveway

by Darren
(Coventry, England)

Hi, I have recently set up a very nice catering trailer that is now equipped to sell freshly ground espresso coffee. I am wondering if I can run this business from my own driveway outside the front of my property in a suburban street? Can anyone please give me any advice on this?
Thank you

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Oct 28, 2019
Trading from my drive
by: Anonymous

Hi Darren
Ive just started my own sandwich van. I put it on my drive as i was under the impression i would only need to register with the local authority. 3 weeks in everything going great until i received a letter advising me i had to stop trading unless i could prove i had planning permission. Ive been trying to contact the person from planning office. im devestated and dont know what to do now. Dont make my mistake.

Jan 31, 2014
re: I finally sold my trailer
by: Anonymous

Hi Frank. Yes you will need to inform theefood hygiene department as they need to inspect your current working kitchen no matter what form it is in.

I may be wrong but I am not too sure about using a gazebo full time, I think maybe as a temporary or one off it may be allowed but I would definitely talk to your local councils street trading department before you take the plunge to doing that. Sorry I couldn't be of more help but wish you all the success in your future business.


Jan 31, 2014
i finally sold my Trailer
by: Frank

after struggling for over 2 years I am now nearly 20k in dept. To pay some important bills I had to sell my trailer.
Anyway I have no job yet and was thinking (if the weather let me) to use my gazebo, grill etc. to continue until I get a job.
My question do I need to inform the environmental Health to inform them that I sod my trailer ?
Do they need to inspect my "gazebo business" what are the requirements to operate a catering business from a gazebo??

Jan 16, 2014
Coffee Catering From Home
by: David

Hello Darren,

It is highly unlikely that the council will give you permission to trade from outside your residential property.

They will need to take into account the local area, residents and other business in the vicinity. Even if you had the land and permission to trade you would need to apply for planning permission for a “change of use”. You would need to contact your local planning department to submit your application and to pay a fee. You may also be liable for business rates and would probably have to inform your insurance providers if it’s a residential property.

Sorry, I don’t mean to discourage you as I just wanted to provide an overview. This is the normal procedure, but you should of course contact your local council to clarify their position as it may be different from other councils.

Do keep me updated and wishing you the best of luck


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