Renting a Catering Trailer Is It Worth It?

by lisa

Catering Trailers for Rent

Catering Trailers for Rent


I am ready to get up and change my job.. This seems ideal for me.

I have come across a web site, in which you rent the van.

It has an option; if you rent for 3 years you can end up owning it and end of lease.

My questions is..Does seem like a good option?
or should i just pay the high cost and rent it weekly rate?

I don’t have the finance to buy one out right, so renting is the option that suits me for now.
Would you recommend renting?

I don’t have a great deal of money,(£1000), but I believe with renting my initial out lay won’t be so high?

Also thank you for your story and advice, it has been very inspiring.

Kind Regards

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Jan 14, 2015
improve my situation
by: Anonymous

i have a bussiness which is running for 2 years but when it rain i cant sell anything because am selling on the street, what can i do to have a trailer like this one

Aug 28, 2012
Is Renting a Catering Van Worth It?
by: David

Hi Lisa,

Great to hear from you!

I always advise people that if they can’t buy a catering trailer the next best option is to rent one.

As this is a great way to try out the business in the short term and find out if it’s really for you before you commit too heavily.

It may seem to some that it’s a waste of money, but at least it will also give you a way out without too much financial outlay.

I would strongly advise you to find a pitch first before you rent a catering unit. It’s also worth finding out if they will allow a catering van to trade as opposed to a catering trailer.

In the past I’ve been refused a pitch (mainly at Homebase & BQ) on the basis that I only had access to a catering van.

Also, be aware that some event organisers will not allow you to trade using.

Best of luck,


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