Prepare Sandwiches for Catering Events - Caravan Conversion

by Carlo Kaic
(High Wycombe)

I purchased a small caravan with an intension to convert it to catering trailer. However after purchase I now somewhat changed the plan and now

I intend to convert it and use it, as a static trailer situated in my own drive at the front of the house, mostly for storing food ingredients (partly in the fridge, partly in the large industrial freezer) with an option to prepare sandwiches for catering events.

The question is would the usual conversion rules apply:

-to have both hot and cold water supply with a tank of certain size (it could be connected to mains instead)?

-ventilation (do I need ventilation at all, since I won’t be frying and splashing fat)?

-fire extinguisher and fire blanket (what for, I am not heating anything)?

And also:

-would I need to pay business rates (probably)?

-would I need a planning permission (perhaps,

because I am changing the use of the land where the trailer is stationed, although on temporary basis)?

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Cooking From Home
by: David

Hi There,

The best people to ask will be the Environmental health officer who will advise you as they will be the ones to give you the green light.

But I think it will be more or less the same rules as that of any other mobile catering trailer.

Because who?s to say that in the future you may want to change from just making sandwiches to something more complex and may need the use of a griddle, fryer, cooker etc at a later stage.

So to make doubly sure, just get this confirmed.
In regards to business rates, you will more than likely have to pay something towards business rates, and should also inform mortgage/insurance company or landlord of your intended use for the property.

Best of luck

p.s Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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