Power Mobile Campervan Coffee Shop

by Jo

What would be the most effective way to power the following equipment on board a T2 VW campervan:
2 group head coffee machine, approx 240V connected to a 50L water tank, under counter fridge, and sink, also connected to the water tank.

I'm just quite bewildered by the Generator options out there and what size/specification I would need!



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Jun 05, 2014
Power Mobile Campervan
by: Brian

Hi Jo,

You need the appliance power totalled up to work out the generator size, but as a guide most small to mid range generators are 2.7kva which isn't a lot electricity wise, about 11amps (enough for a kettle) but this is peak rate so uses a lot of fuel. This post will prove helpful generator size

Going to led on the lighting will help, most coffee machines in mobile catering are gas powered a you get a lot more power and lower running costs.

On events you may not have reliable access to electricity hook ups and will certainly not be allowed to use petrol or diesel generators even with a spill tray due to ground contamination issues.

Hope that helps

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