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by hobo's catering

Hello there have just sited my bus (live in)& trailer alongside the a35 road in Dorset(Dorset hate catering trailers), we are registered with the council & environmental health have given us the okay.

The site is private land & we have permission to be here. We are seven meters back from roadside & there is a slip road on to large lay-by and an exit with good view of road (we have put no entry exit only) not to encourage people turning in from other side of the road. This site is an old motel & petrol station.

We have been trading 2 weeks, with no sign of highway agency etc, but was told by the environmental officer that the council are going to tell the land owner that he needs planning permission to have us there.

Do you need planning permission if we are not permanent as we are only intending to work for the summer season & also have events at weekends so will be mobile..?

Hope you can help... many thanks hobo's catering.

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Jun 21, 2011
Plannning Permission for Mobile Catering Trailer
by: David

Hi Guys,

In some cases planning permission (planning application) may be required in certain circumstances to trade from private land.

Both you and the site owner should contact the council?s planning department to make sure.

This could be due to the fact that the land needs a change of business use and also because the business is situated so close to a lay-by.(Certain streets, laybys and land may be either prohibited or restricted for this type of trading purposes.)This is why planning permission is needed and to make sure there are no objections.

The fact that you are only trading on a short term basis makes no difference as you are still trading.

With all this being said, I still think that it?s still worth pursuing this venture, you should have a stronger case for getting planning permission, due to the fact that it?s not really located on a built up area and a business did exists here previously.(even though it was not really catering)

If the location is good it might be worth working all year round or getting someone else to do that for you. Anyway it?s something for you to consider, best of luck

Best of luck and please keep us updated.


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