Parking a Catering Trailer in a Residential Area?

by Daniel

Hi David, I have another question about future parking for my fast food trailer. Depending on the chosen site I choose to trade from I may need to bring the trailer home each night.

Are there laws against keeping the trailer parked in residential areas. The site we have in mind is in a safe location with plenty of CCTV.

If we are unable to have that pitch however we plan to park the trailer in our street. Is this breaking highway code bylaws or is it perfectly legal?

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Oct 21, 2009
Parking Your Catering Trailer at Home.
by: David


I can't give you a definite answer as I have never had to park my trailer on the street. You can of course park it on a drive if one is available to you.

As for parking the trailer on the street as long as it’s not causing an obstruction to other road users or your neighbors etc it’s not normally a problem. Be mindful of the security as this leaves your livelihood exposed and in a vulnerable position. If possible try and find a private, secure holding facility. If you have any doubts – contact your local council or transport office.



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