Nu Skin MLM Opportunity Story

by Paul Anthony
(Riverside, California, US)

Company Trip

Company Trip

Hi, my name's Paul, a Certified Public Accountant, after several years of working on a audit company, I've decided to join a networking business with multi level marketing named Nu Skin.

A college friend of my mine referred me to this business. I was motivated by its promising monthly income it can eventually generate for someone who is committed and focused

The products are also World Class. The products are mainly for Health and Beauty Products. I've started it as a part time job, I have been selling their products on my Co-workers on the company i have been working. I also refer my co-workers on the business. I recruit almost 20 people from the company and also earn from the sales of those person I referred.

When I got to the point of earning a good income per month, I resigned from the company and started working full time on Nu Skin. The real goal is to recruit as many as you can and you must have the confidence to talk to strangers or it’s going to be pretty hard to build the team.

You MUST not persuade people to join but you should make them think that you can help them enormously. If you go straight in and start selling this get’s the worst results, instead you need to become familiar and confident with the benefits and features of what you are selling and don’t say it will benefit someone if it really won’t. Be honest and sincere, since you want to grow a long-term profitable business and not short term gains.

BE FOCUSED ON ONE BIG GOAL. After having lots of people under me, I just stay home with my family, enjoying freedom from the corporate world. I just check my online status from the net. I have also gained much more confidence and more amazingly have met the girl of my dreams.

Finally the best thing I can say is to be focused on what you want to achieve and never give up on your dreams - just work hard towards it. As anything is possible!

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