Not Really a Question Just Want It Off my Chest :(

by Nana

Hi all,

We started Thai takeaway last June on public layby not doing so good but luckily the Village store just 10 mins walk from where we live allow us to trade on the bit of grass space (I guess their front garden) next to their shop and main road charging £25 a night from 5-9 pm.

We supply our own water and electric plus no rubbish can be dumped at his store and we have been doing since last October. We trade 2 days a week no contract nor rent receipt just pay him cash and we doing pretty well until this month we start to get into festival and mostly it's on Sat.

Last night he came to see us saying that if we don't turn up again we still have to pay for the pitch for £10 otherwise he will give it away to other trade. I was surprised speechless and quite hurt. We live in the Village for 8 years now never seen any other street trader there apart from Fish and Chip man on Friday and he just started 2 years ago. He used to do Sat as well for a while but not so good so he reduced to Friday only.

I am just very upset at the moment I have 4 young kids now and again when they are not well I have to miss the trade and look like from now on I have to pay as well. Start to think what can I do next why bother!!! :'( Nana

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Sep 21, 2015
Big Thank you!
by: Nana

Hi David,
Thank you so much for your encouragement :) I was sad for 2 days didn't want to do anything thinking about the situation then finally pulled myself up and get going again . I put aside the negative feeling and think in the other way that in fact he might want to push us to be there regularly for our own advantage I think it's better to think that way :) We are doing very good now as nobody do the same as us the problem is I'm the only one to cook with my husband helps serving and taking order. We are over demanded and now we are looking for a proper takeaway premise to take up to higher level. I'm so thankful to your forum because this is where I started my journey and it does happen ... All from the nice and kindly advice from you and other members. Thank you very much!!

Sep 21, 2015
Facing The Giants
by: David

Hi Nana,

You’ve taken the time to establish something really great and have made a success of it. Unfortunately, these kinds of problems - fair or not do arise to disrupt the business.

This is when you need to be resilient and push through. Is there anything you can do or say to resolve this situation that you’ve not thought about? Can you maybe ask someone else to help you or take on a partner?

You are an entrepreneur and this means working through/resolving the problem. There is always something you can do. Don’t give up, because this builds character and will help you on your next venture. I know it’s not easy facing a disappointment and when circumstances are challenging. Just push thorough it, you will succeed.

Best of luck,

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