Currently trading in a private car park selling hot & cold snacks (etc) for a few years now.. Suddenly & without warning we receive a non domestic rates demand from the local council & we question its legality.

So as to 'twist the knife' it’s been introduced retrospectively.. That’s correct, back dated & without even the opportunity to claim previous years small business relief!.. Of course we think its 101% unfair & are currently appealing..

Has anyone else out there encountered this dilemma & if so can you direct us to a source of inexpensive or free legal advice.. At every turn we are being thwarted by both the council & VOA who insist that we have to hand over whatever sum of money they decide to dream up.. Can you believe that our VW caddy van has a rateable value of £3500 per annum

The VOA have decided that our rateable value is deemed to be on a par with the local B&Q trailer permanently sited in a local business park..

The size & turnover of our set up is a fraction of the B&Q kiosk.. This is not a level playing field!.. This matter is squeezing us to the point where we will finally have to cease trading..


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Jun 25, 2018
bussiness rate
by: mbile van

I have also receive letter as well they want me to pay about £700 a year but i didnt know mobile trailer has to pay business rate !! land doesnt belong to us we pay rent for a yearly licence!! is there anyone knows about what to do?

May 24, 2018
Ratable Value
by: Andy


What is the rateable value for your site and are you a sole trader and do you have any other business addresses. You should be able to claim small business rate relief in which case you will not have to pay any business rates. Let me know. Andy

May 23, 2018
by: Denise

I have today received a letter from a bailiffs office saying I owe Exeter City council £12,450..I have traded on a Wickes site for 5 years and have never had any correspondence from the Council in the whole time I have been on the site..
Wickes themselves pay massive business rates so how can the council receive 2 lots of business rates from the same premises?
This is going to finish me..I cannot take enough money to make it a viable business..Have been trading for 25 years and I feel I have no option but give up...sad times...

May 16, 2018
Catering Trailer Business Rates
by: Lunch Box

I am probably the other caterer the council are referring to. Although they say that your business rates are on par with mine I am objecting to the amount I am paying. I am now at a point where my business will have to close. Gillingham council are now asking for £6381.00 per year. That is their rates charge for two car park spaces. As usual there is no realistic route of appeal and when I talk to the council all their staff just hide behind the valuation office. My business will almost certainly close as I cant afford to pay the rates while I go through the never ending appeal process which as we all now is a farce and I have no chance of willing.

Jan 22, 2013
business rates
by: MR Burger

I am now paying bus . rates for mob. unit ..

Apparently it's the site that is rateable from where you trade, not the unit you are trading from..

Easy money for the council .

May 31, 2010
i to have just been ordered to pay
by: Anonymous

i have just been orderer to pay business rates on my portacabin which i sell hot and cold food both eat in and out i have no running water , toilet, or electricity other that a generator and they wANT ME TO PAY OVER £100 i did not think that you had to pay business rates on a movable building

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