Night Time Take Away Pitch

by Tony

Hi David,

I like to say a big thank you first, for your hard work and inspiration with your website.
I’m currently working full time as a school caretaker, now i won’t go into details about my job.

Like most people I’m really not happy here, what makes it harder for me is the fact that I’m living on site and that the house comes with the job, so getting out isn’t easy.

My passion for cooking over the years has exceed to a high level, now I know it’s good to be able to cook to sell good food, but location has to be number one priority.

I’m in the middle of cooking (CURRY UPTO RESTARAUNT AND TAKE AWAY STANDARDS)and most people who has tried my cuisine has told me that the quality is better than a lot of restaurants and takeaways, and that they are pushing me to make a menu for them to order from.

So what I need to know is, would it be better for me if I can setup a home delivery service working from home, or having a pitch with a delivery driver.

Now I’m almost certain that I’m able to get a pitch near a social club, and my idea was after I secure the pitch, was to launch the service with flyers and local paper advertisement, and to repeat this a couple of days earlier, prior to opening.

I know that this will work because I strongly believe in the quality of food that I produce, and once word of mouth gets out there, that this could lead to my success.

Kind Regards

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Jun 01, 2012
Cooking From Home
by: David

Hi Tony,

I know how hard work being a caretaker can be, one of my best friends use to do this job and the hours he worked was crazy.

Anyway, back to your questions, I think I would opt to try the home delivery route first, as this will be the cheaper option and will allow you to test, refine, practice and get everything absolutely perfect.

To start cooking from home, you would first have to contact your local council who will then visit and register your business. They may ask you to make amendments to your kitchens that comply with food and hygiene standards.

Other considerations will be to contact your landlord, and home insurance brokers to make sure that you are covered. You may also be liable to pay business rates since you will operate a business from home, but do find out before hand so that there are no surprises.

You seem to have a lot of passion and a love for cooking which are the main ingredients, all you need to do now is get your food out to the people. Many successful food orientated businesses started from home and progressed their way out to the supermarkets, restaurants and local shops.

Do you homework first Tony, but go for it. You should aim to try and start slow, test everything and get some money coming in before you decide to grow it full time… I’m sure you can make it work.

Best of luck Tony and please keep us updated

Kind Regards
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