NEW LPG laws around usage V ventilation in a horse box conversion

by Gary


I'm about to convert a horse box into a catering unit.

The horse box dimensions are
H 184 W150 L224

Im looking to use
1 x Lincat LPG 8 litre fryer
1 x LPG chip warmer.

With the new guidelines in relation to the use of LPG V ventilation in mobile catering units, can anyone help me with

1. Do I need to have a forced extraction unit, flue & canopy? (I work on a very tight budget)
2. Has anyone used an LPG fryer in a horse box conversion & any insight on it?
3. Can natural gas appliances also be used, with a conversion kit?
4. Nothing to do with LPG but whilst I have your attention, does anyone have contact details for an electrician to do the electrical installation too?


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Jun 24, 2019
Fryers and horse box
by: Kieron

In short if it’s table top then no you don’t need a canopy upto 14 Ltrs make sure it’s secure your ventilation is good and sufficient for that unit , personally I would install an extractor because of steam , ventilation ventilation good luck

May 01, 2019
LPG fryers
by: Anonymous

Exception for single or twin table top fryers with a total capacity of 14 Ltrs provides the unit ventilation is such that all emissions are removed and the units are secure INSTALL TO MANUFACTURES INSTRUCTIONS,

Ventilation is top of your priorities

Converted domestic cookers are a no no

Apr 29, 2019
Fryers and chip ranges
by: Anonymous

UKLPG section 6.5.2 states 'Fryers and chip ranges shall have a canopy or ventilation hood'

'The canopy should extend at least 150mm beyond the cooking area on all sides and have 270mm2 of flue area for every 10,000mm2 of canopy base area'

'Where allowed by the manufacturer (in their instructions), counter top low volume fryers shall be risk assessed to determine if a canopy is required'

UKLPG section 8.6.1 'where forced mechanical extract canopies are installed, they must be electrically interlocked with the canopy'

In summary, unless allowed otherwise by the fryer manufacturer in their instructions you need a canopy, that canopy must remove combustion products and steam adequately to keep the air quality below 2800ppm carbon dioxide, if the only way to achieve this is with powered extract, the gas supply must be interlocked to the ventilation - see BS6173 & IGE/UP/19

If the frying is low volume - go for an electric countertop fryer, this is what is happening with a customer of mine that does halloumi fries in a horse box.

Buy an appliance already set up for LPG as the conversion kits (sometimes the burner needs changing in addition to the injectors) and labour to convert the appliance make buying a natural gas appliance uneconomic

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