My Success Story - Marriage - Children And Starting A Business


Never give up

Never give up

Hi all! My name is Jashan.

I am a housewife, a daughter-in-law and a mother of a child. I got married on 13 December 2005. As it is always a saying in our culture that marriage is like a re-birth of a woman. Same was happening with me at that time.

On the very first day of my marriage, when i stepped into my new (in-laws) house, my mother-in-law handed over me the keys of house and said”, It is all up to your now”. At that time i realised a very big responsibility on my shoulders.

As the time passed I Started feeling bored as there was only household work to do .The same work every day; To clean up the house, make food for everyone and fulfill all the responsibilities of a good housewife. But there was an empty feeling inside me which was saying I am a loser.

After one year I gave birth to a child and i thought that now I will keep me busy in caring of my baby. But due to baby's birth, our expenses also started increasing and we realised that our income was not enough to fulfill our requirements.

At that time I thought this was the only chance to prove myself and to get my self confidence back and to make my boring life interesting again and it will also help me to contribute for the financial improvement of my family.

I didn’t want to lose this chance at any cost.

But I was afraid that my family would not permit me to do a job. So I was a little bit confused to ask my husband for this.

Luckily I met an old friend of mine who was a teacher. I told her everything about me. Then she suggested me to go into the field of teaching but I had responsibility of my child so i was not able to go to school and teach the children. She then suggested me another great idea to teach children at home as she was also doing the same and was quite successful. At that second I decided that I will also do the same.

I asked my husband and surprisingly he gave me permission to do this. At the beginning there were only 3 children in my classes. But i didn’t give up and slowly slowly the numbers increased to 4,7,9,10 and Today I run my own coaching classes in 3 cities.

Now my family and my husband are proud of me and its give me full satisfaction .I give all the credit to my friend and god. The decision i took at that time was the best decision of my life.

At last I would say to all 'MOMS AND DADS' don’t hesitate in taking right decisions for you and never give up because hard work always give you results.


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