My Small Business and My Miracle Baby - Real Story!

by Swati
(Bangalore India)

My son and me on a holiday from work

My son and me on a holiday from work

Greeting, My name is Swati, and our son was born on February 15th 2007 in the 26th week of my pregnancy. He is a pre term by 10 weeks. The doctors call him a miracle baby. He was in the hospital for exactly 99 days before he could come home to his mama and papa.

I had to leave my well paying job to look after him. Premature babies require a lot of special care and hence I have been at home since the time he has come into this world. Hospitals in India cost a lot. We paid almost 30000 dollars for his treatment, and had to use the money saved to buy a house away from the city.

After our son came home my husband’s salary was not enough. He was on medication even at home and they were expensive. For a year we struggled. I could not go out to work and neither could I take up any work from home.

He needed all my time. Our parents helped us whenever they could. But we started feeling bad to take help from them. Desperate to help my husband I started looking for some work which would not require a lot of time. I talked to all my friends.

And one of them gave me the idea of become a member of the world famous Tupper ware direct selling company. Tupperware is one of world's leading direct selling companies with the largest women network, marketing premium food storage, preparation and serving items.

My friends said just fill in a form and try. I was not sure. I browsed the net and was amazed to see their products and their network. I did not have to go out. Neither did I have to shell out a huge sum of money or advertise vigorously. I just had to introduce the product to people I know.

I filled in an application without telling my husband and I bought some products for 100 dollars which I borrowed from my mother. I took it up in the middle of June 2008.

In the beginning I would hesitate to talk about it to anybody. Then one of my close friends came home one day and I told her and showed her the products. She loved the products and I got my first order for 25 dollars.

I gained some confidence. After that whenever a neighbour or a friend came home I would introduce the products to them. Some of them placed orders and some of them who did not would at least tell their friends and I would get references. I did not make any calls to any one at all.

That year I made a profit of 350 dollars. In 2009
I gained more confidence. I spoke to one of my neighbours who was a teacher in a school nearby. She agreed for me to give a demonstration. I could not believe it. I started making money. The teachers are still my customers and they place orders for something or the other every month.

This year my son joined play school and I did a demo in his school and won some orders.
Every time I make a new friend I make it a point to get some basic details and their contact number. If I get a good vibe I make a call. And 70% of the time I am able to make a deal.

In 2009 my profits were 3000 dollars. This year I have already made about 800 dollars. I am very happy. I do not have to leave my child in a day care. I can take care of my home, my family and my business. And my husband and my relationship have become so much better and the stress is no more there.

We have bought and apartment away from the city this year and are moving in next year. I thank my mother a lot for helping me out and as for my son he is now three and one of the most intelligent and mischievous boy’s in his group.Thank you for reading my story and I hope it will help motivate you to take action and achieve much more in life.

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