My MLM Small Business Experience Amway

by Vinod

I was not satisfied with my current earnings and started looking for ways to earn an extra income. Something that would give me and my family a better lifestyle and quality of life.

I was not married at that time. Our financial conditioned was not so good either. One of my colleagues noticed my frustration & introduced me to MLM business “Amway”.

Nowadays many people are familiar with this name.
I was not interested very much in the beginning to start the MLM business. This concept was new to me. And I did not have the minimum amount needed at the time to buy the kit to start the business.

My colleague motivated me to buy saying that nothing is going to change automatically. You have to work hard & you can do it. You can do it in your spare time & without disturbing my current job.

He gave me the examples of many people that were doing the same thing with some success. He then took me to the seminar & introduced me to many people who were doing it successfully. I was motivated when I saw many people from different backgrounds doing the business & making money. Finally I decided to join the business.

I had started looking for part time job to earn the minimum required amount needed to start the business. After searching hard I found the part time job which was near to my home. I worked hard for few months, earned the minimum required amount & succeed to buy the kit & start the business.

With regards to my own experience I have to mentions one thing which everybody should keep in mind, and that there is no shortcuts to become rich or making money. You have to work very hard and put in the hours, just like you would expect with any other business.

It is not easy to run a MLM business. You must have fire and desire within you. You must be a dreamer as without dreams you are not going to achieve much. You shouldn’t give up.

Only those will succeed who will remain firm. Those who are not leaving business & doing constant effort with clear goal in mind will succeed. Though I was hugely successful I learnt a lot during the process. This business showed me the way to look at life, gave me more confidence and insight into doing business. This is an ethical business & you can do it, but it may take some time so keep going.

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