My MLM Adventure a Real  Must Read Opportunity, Story and Experience.

My MLM Adventure was the only occasion that an actual business opportunity came to me and totally by chance. Anyway here's how it all started. Having problems with my phone line a while back caused me to call the telephone company who sent out an engineer to rectify the fault.

So a guy turns up introduces himself as Mike from the phone company and starts on the repair. While he’s doing that we get chatting and he mentions something about getting cheap and even free phone calls.

At the time this was quite a new concept and being eager to save money on my phone bill I was very interested in finding out more. At the time I actually thought that Mike knew someone in the business and that’s how he was going to offer me this service.

Mike Says Something Very
Interesting To Me!

Repairs complete, we walk to his work van where he hands me his business card to call him later for more details. He then says something very interesting to me

“Would you like to help other people save money on their phone bill,” and earn some extra money in the process? I thought about it for a few seconds and said…umm…okay, he then ask me to attend a presentation later on that evening where there would be a full explanation of this opportunity.

So The Beginning of My MLM Adventure Begins. Attending The Evening Meeting

I arrived anxiously at the meeting as I didn't’ know anyone there or what to expect, but surprisingly found the venue to be full of smartly dressed people who were obviously there to find out more this opportunity.

We all sat down to watch a video presentation followed by a key speaker who passionately spoke about his expanding business where many new people were on board. He also spoke in detail about how this business opportunity had changed lives, made people rich and given them a fantastic quality of life.

My MLM Adventure
What Was Actually All About.

The opportunity was to find people who wanted to save money on their phone bill, and get them to sign up to a call routing service. This service will divert all the customers calls through the routing service, once this is done they can benefit immediately and start making calls using the cheaper phone number (This is nothing new now, but back then it was a big deal).

At the end of each month when the customer receives and pays their bill, a small percentage of that paid bill is then paid over to you. The more customers you signed up the more money you could earn each month. This sort of income is also known as a residual income, acquire the customer once and earn for the lifetime of that customer

Sound Like a Great Way
To Earn Some Money

The meeting finished with a lot of questions running through my mind, Mike came over and spoke to me. He explained to me how he'd built up his team of people who were all actively pursuing this opportunity and if I decided to come on board, it would be as part of his team. He also added that I could build my own team by recruiting as many people as I wanted and earn even more money through my teams efforts, which sounded great!

Take the Plunge - Decision Time

It didn't take me long to decide, believing this was a really great opportunity. Imagine all those people who would snap up the chance to receive cheap calls. Who wouldn't want to sign up to a free service that cost them nothing to join and that would allow them to save money on their phone bills each month.

I was rearing to go and get started; all that was left was for me to pay the £200 joining fee. What I hear you say! Yes, I know it may seem quite a bit of money to pay out but compared to starting other businesses ideas this is actually quite cheap. Anyway in the next part you can find out how I got on with this business opportunity, and the nitty gritty of details of my MLM adventure.

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