My Logo Business - Single Father With 2 Teenage Children

by A Saunders
(Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

A Sample Logo

A Sample Logo

My name is Allen Saunders. I am a single father with two teenage children. Two years ago I was in an accident that left me unable to work at my regular job so I started looking around for money making ideas I could do from home until I was able to get back to work.

Checking the internet for stay at home jobs soon led me to the conclusion that most were either scams or not something I wished to do. Then a friend decided to open his open business and wanted a logo for his company. After checking around and finding prices to do so from local business expensive, he came to me, knowing I was willing to give him a hand.

Using a relatively inexpensive and easily learned program called CorelDraw, I took his ideas and created a logo. From concept to finished product took very little time and the cost was satisfactory for both of us. At that point, I decided to try to do this as a full time business until I was able to return to work.

I spent time going to local businesses that used simple designs as part of their business. These included sign, embroidery and silk screening shops. Some of them had their own design staff but all of them were willing to accept freelance submissions after I talked with them.

After two months of visiting businesses, I started getting requests from some of them. Even those that did not use my services gave my name and email address out to others.

Now I have regular customers as well as customers from all around North America who have asked for my help.

What started out as a way to supplement my income has become a full time career, with better pay than my previous job. Starting out wasn’t easy. It required perseverance and visiting many businesses to get a customer base that allows me to make a good living.

With the internet putting the world at our doorstep, there are many ways to make legitimate money from home. All it takes is imagination and a willingness to try, so why not find yours.

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