My First MLM Opportunity

by Eddie
(Hamilton, Alabama)

My first introduction to MLM was in college. I was struggling to pay my way through college by working part time at odd jobs, mowing lawns, waiter, or anything I could find.

My wife was working at the time and a friend of hers approached her one day and asked if we needed extra income. Of course her ears perked up. She and her husband were Amway distributors and asked if they could come over to explain a great financial opportunity to us.

We saw the MLM opportunity as a Godsend; it was what I had been looking for to help ends meet. We were able to work the business around my school schedule and we were pleasantly surprised to find out how easily it was to make a few extra bucks.

We started out mainly on the retail side, selling as much of the products as we could because we saw that as the quickest way to get the bucks rolling in. My sponsor was a great salesman and quickly taught me the sales pitch for all the basic line of products.

We began to schedule Home Care Clinics as quickly as possible. These were home shows where we would enlist the help of a friend to invite friends over and we would demonstrate the Amway cleaning and household products.

We would take orders for the products, and then when we received the shipment, we would deliver the products, and of course give the hostess some free products for her trouble.

Of course in the process we were always on the lookout for people we thought were in the same boat as us and might be interested in making some money or themselves in the same way. The first year, with the help of out sponsor we were able to sponsor about 8 people into the business.

I was amazed that with some persistent work and dedication I managed to earn an extra $200.00 to $500.00 a month to our income which is not live changing but came in very helpful for those extra unwanted bills and urgent purchases.

I would recommend this to everyone to try, some of you won’t like it but others will thrive and make a decent income out of this opportunity. One last word of advice – avoid all the Na sayers, just get on and do it and find out for yourself if it’s for you.

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