My Experience in Multilevel Marketing

by Suresh
(India, Pune)

Hi I am a home maker and my husband works for a private company. Even though my husband earns a reasonable income, I felt I should support him financially, as we wanted to give our kid best education.

Education in India is really expensive. So I wanted to do something as a part time job as I don’t want to leave my kids in a crèche and go for a full time job as the money earned will go straight out to pay for the crèche.

One day, I met my old friend after many years. While talking with her, she told me that she is doing multi level marketing and it is a very good source to get good income. I was interested and inquired more about multilevel marketing.

She told me she does this for a company which sells A-Z products of our personal needs. If she sells the product she will get some commission, and if the buyer joins this marketing scheme under her, the buyer will get direct commission and she will get some commission as well.

Initially I was confused, but after that she explained it with the tree diagram, I was clear and interested. The products also seemed to be very good quality and even something that I would use and buy myself.

I was impressed with the scheme and wanted to start this business. Initially I had to buy some products using the money from my own pocket. That was a bit difficult for me, but once I started my sales using all my convincing skills, the business really picked up. I had to use all my convincing skills to make the first two or three sales and make them join under my tree. A few people who joined under me had good marketing skills and they also made good sales which was beneficial to me also.

Now my tree is a really big tree with so many people under me and I get really good commissions. Still I do some direct sales and I don’t have to worry about the finances quite as much.

I will end by saying that one of the driving factors was the need to contribute and support the family. It took me a little while to get some confidence and get into the flow of it, but persevered and really enjoy the whole process.

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