Mobile Catering Ventilation Canopy Question

by John

Hello all,

I'm starting a mobile catering business and I'm currently looking to buy a used trailer. I'm intending to have a double gas fryer (2x9L) and a double electric (2x5L) and I am led to believe I will need a canopy extending a certain distance beyond the frying equipment.

Can anyone provide clarity on exactly what is needed in terms of a ventilation canopy? (I understand there is a further requirement of 25sq cm per kW of fixed ventilation).

Would we need a commercial extraction system? Could this be a DIY job with some sheets of stainless of the right dimensions, in order to get the natural draught?

Any further help greatly appreciated1


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Ventilation and dryers
by: Anonymous

Hi as already stated it will require a canopy and interlock
If it is floor standing, it’s a cat B appliance

You should also check the manufactures instruction for

Also combine the kw of all appliances to ensure you have to correct take of rate 1kg/h = 14 kw

Remember the open hatch and personal door do not
Count as ventilation They can be closed

Best wishes and good luck πŸ˜‰

Canopy Question - Catering Trailer
by: David-


Floor mounted fryers require a canopy, overhanging by 250mm on all sides.

Where this canopy is required to be mechanical, either by fryer manufacturer or size and design of the unit it should be interlocked to the gas supply.

25cm/kw is natural ventilation divided by high and low level in addition to the canopy.


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