Mobile Catering Van Insurance £300 Is This Normal

by David

Catering van business

Catering van business


I have been trading for three months now, all at food festivals so far. The council -Newcastle upon Tyne is pretty unhelpful with securing any sort of pitch.

I'm considering mothballing everything for the winter and going back to working in kitchens. My main motivation for this is that my van insurance is currently £300 a month! -is this normal?

I am totally new to mobile catering and this was the best quote I could find - does anyone have advice on lowering this premium? Or whether I can 'pause' payments over winter months.

People loving my food but I am really struggling to meet payments each month, any help would be great.

I was recommended an Insurance company through NACSS, do you/your forum have any idea what I should be paying? I think they saw me coming!

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Aug 03, 2018
Mobile catering van insurance
by: Richard Crabtree

Giles insurance would be my recommend choice. These guys are good. I paid £468 for the year...

Feb 17, 2016
O license issue
by: Matt

Hi Ian,

I am external TM, if You give me a shout we could get You O-license sorted, be careful whit driving license as You would have to have at least C1 to be able to drive it legally.


Oct 14, 2015
Too much!
by: Rose

Hi Dave, that has got to be way too much. We went through NCASS Giles insurance. For the year it's 300 and that's employees liability as well as public. Shop around one of the quotes I got was 700 so they really can vary. Is there any local villages you could travel to? Good luck well done for taking the leap!

May 27, 2015
what about catering trailers
by: Alan

£300p/m sounds expensive, just wondering if catering trailers would be a better idea for those who can't get reasonable insurance quotes.

Jul 01, 2014
Rip off
by: Anonymous are a rip off they took all my details set up the insurance for my mobile van then after a month they contacted me saying I owe them over £700 extra because I hadn't given them the right documents, turns out they wont accept that I have no claim bonus for 43 years, as I changed my insurance company last year, they recon because of that I've only got one year of no claims bonus and I will have to pay the discount they offered me at the beginning £700, surely the 5 years no claims bonus my husband has (I am named driver on it) covers me too. Any help please would be welcome

Dec 30, 2013
Catering van insurance
by: Ian Cunningham

Iv been trading now for about 18 months using a trailer to my local B&Q rent out if this world for a small branch small town !! So I started to gain smaller events. ! But then letting my regular business down as events mainly at the weekends!

I hook the plunge and credit card debt to buy another this time a citreon relay chassis van and built it inside myself. ! I was struggling to gain insurance on it quotes from 1200-4000 ! One main issue was I'm rated 4.5ton ( that's another problem - vosa) but I managed to barter MOBILERS INSURANCE to £580 full comp I know it's down to age ncb points etc to which I'm clean and have a. 10 yr NCB. But it is like a lottery if one company got there act together they would earn a fortune out of interest NCAS was £2000 but the admin on Mobilers was ridiculous slow and not very professional I pain over 3 months no interest and I was being chased for payment before payment is due and supposedly received my full documents free times from three requested I haven't received them!

My issue now is with vosa because I'm 4.5 ton truck and now need an operators license!

Dec 21, 2013
Moible Catering Insurance
by: David

Hi Dave,

Good to hear from you, £300 a month sounds like a lot; you should be able to find a cheaper policy and one that you can freeze for a few months similar to what ice cream vans have.

Also, well done Dave for getting started with the business, the van looks great. It's a shame you can’t get a winter pitch as this is when the business tends to earn better.

A few people have commented that some insurance providers may not be that competitively priced. But it will also depend on your driving history, location and personal details, but some of their premiums in some cases are half of what you pay per month.I just thought I'd let you know that one of our readers Angie is only paying £75 a month to Aviva for his catering van insurance.
her full post is here:

Buying a Catering Trailer -Beware of what You Are Getting

I would advise you to call some other mobile catering insurance companies and see if you can get a more competitive quote. Below are a few links to try, hopefully you're not insured with them already

Quotezone - Catering van & Trailer Quote

Best of luck Dave,
Let us know how you get on

Kind Regards,

PS. Get my free guide on Starting a Mobile Catering Business Guide

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